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Weymouth Bay, Ringstead and Osmington Mills.

Weymouth Bay!


This ariel view is from the South west looking towards the Jurassic Coastline of the Isle of Purbeck.

Weymouth Beach — one of the beaches that border Weymouth Bay.

Weymouth Bay is a sheltered bay on the south coast of England, in Dorset. It is protected from erosion by Chesil Beach and the Isle of Portland, and includes several beaches, notably Weymouth Beach, a gently curving arc of golden sand which stretches from the resort of Weymouth

Ringstead Ledges.


To the north of Weymouth Bay is Ringstead and Osmington Mills, both with interesting sea and cliff formations.

Moonfleet Sailing in Weymouth with the W
Moonfleet Sailing taken by Ryan Skelsey
Dolphins off the Starboard Bow!


Dolphins frequently come out to race with Moonfleet but you've got to be quick with your camera! As soon as they're up, back under they go, racing along just beneath the surface gathering speed for the next leap in the air! Bottom left is a dolphin 'bow riding' Moonfleet beneath the bowsprit!

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