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Frequently asked questions

What if I get seasick?


The ship is very stable so we don't often find people suffer from sickness while aboard but if you're particularly prone to motion sickness then there are some highly effective remedies available from Boots on the high street. We also have some seasickness pills on board for anyone who starts feeling a little queazy while out there. 

Where can we park the car?


There is a large car park at Portland Marina. Instructions on where to park are included on your booking confirmation email. Free parking is no longer available at Portland Marina. However, we will give you a 50% parking discount voucher on arrival on request. Parking is paid on exit by cash or card.

Do we take dogs?


Well behaved dogs are more than welcome to meet the Captain Scrummage (Black Labrador). Naughty dogs will be denied treats and possibly clapped in irons (owners too).

Can I have a look at the ship's navigation and propulsion systems?


Yes of course - Moonfleet's crew will be happy to show you the modern safety, communication and navigation systems that we use to back up our sailing trips and give you a tour of the engine room!

Do I have to pull up the sails!?


We like to encourage everyone on board to have a go with some aspect of sailing the boat, but if you'd rather just sit back and watch the world go by that is also absolutely fine, our crew will get the sails raised and get the boat underway.

What should I wear?


Just sensible clothing really. We won't be going out into rough seas but sometimes the sea air can be a little cooler so a jumper or rain jacket to keep the wind off is always a good idea. On your feet anything but stilettos should be fine, though the deck can get a little slippery if it has been raining so bear that in mind.

Can kids come too?


Yes absolutely! Children of all ages are welcome aboard and we will do everything we can to get them involved with every aspect of sailing the ship from raising the sails to taking the helm.

Do you have toilets on board?


Down below we have all the facilities you'd expect from a home so when a call of nature comes along just speak to our crew and they will show you where to go. 

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