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Portland Harbour and Forts.

Moonfleet Sailing setting sail by Steve Belasco Weymo
Portland Breakwater Fort.


The Portland Breakwater Fort is a 19th-century fort, built between 1868-1875 to defend Portland Harbour. It is located on the outer breakwater of Portland Harbour in DorsetEngland. A Grade II Listed building since 1978, the fort is not open to the public and remains derelict. On the opposite side of the next stretch of the breakwater is the Portland Breakwater Lighthouse.

Moonfleet Sailing at Portland Harbour Forts
Moonfleet Sailing at Portland Harbour Forts
RFA Sir Tristram.
This retired Royal Fleet Auxillary (RFA) Landing Ship is a veteran of the Falklands War and now moored permanently in Portland Harbour for training purposes.
Moonfleet Sailing at Portland Harbour Forts
Moonfleet Sailing by Sir Tristam.
The Eastern Entrance.
Left - The Chequered Fort is so know due to the chequered design of the Fort's armour plating.
RFA Sir Tristram is in the background.
Nothe Fort
Nothe Fort is a fort in Weymouth. The fort is situated at the end of the Nothe Peninsula, which juts eastwards from the town of Weymouth, and Weymouth Harbour, into the sea to the north of ex-military Portland Harbour.


Moonfleet Sailing at Nothe Fort
Moonfleet Sailing at Portland Harbour
The Northern Entrance.
The breakwater stretching out from Weymouth to the east, with the lighthouse of the east entrance just visible in the distance.
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